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% view romney negatively. mitt romney's favorability rating is lower than every other presidential nominee's rating at this point in the election in the history of this poll, except for george h.w. bush's 34/52 rating. and he lost that election. tonight, ann romney seems sure that the country will soon realize how lucky we are that mitt romney is running for president. >> i know he's very well prepared. he's focused, he's very bright. i think the country will be blessed by having someone with his skill set, his experience and his -- just his goodness. to be able to run this country. this guy does care that he's out there. and he's a person with compassion. >> first lady michelle obama did not attempt to lower expectationings for her husband today. >> he doesn't need much advice. he's a very good debater. so i do tell him to have fun and relax and just be himself because the truth is if he's the barack obama the country has come to know and trust, he's going to do a great job. >> the new nation nbc news poll shows that among likely voters president obama polls at 49% and mitt romney
. president's job rating. romney's favorability rating that number is still under water he has problems and the question of which candidate is better equipped to manage the economy. remember the unemployment rate is 5.9% in virginia. romney's favorable in florida but under in virginia and ohio. when it comes to who is better able to manage the economy a question on which romney has staked his candidacy romney has a margin of error lead in florida and virginia. the president leads on that question in ohio. with iowa, new hampshire and ohio headed to the obama column that puts the president at 265 and that means romney has to run the table on the remaining states to get to 270. if the debate doesn't move romney's numbers in ohio he may face the same decision al gore faced in 2000 whether to take the pr hit. all of this explains why tonight's debate is so crucial. >> it is spectacular and i have never seen it before. >> a 726 foot monument to government infrastructure. in denver romney's break time was lunch to chipotle. the candidates off the trail on tuesday and the two men picked up the
a lower tax rate than many low-income and middle-class americans? >> romney got caught up when the tax question came up, famously in south carolina, he said maybe, when asked if woe release more taxes. there needs to be some kind of tax question tonight because the reality is that a lot of folks don't earn very much money in places here like denver are paying a higher percentage of their income than romney. romney believes there should be lower rates for investments but hasn't explained why it is fair that he pays a lower rate. >> quick on your list of questions, many have been asked to the candidates at some point or certainly, prepared to answer. will you be stunned if the questions on the stimulus on the case of the president or taxes, to romney, go unanswered without the candidate being specific? >> well, i won't be surprised at all but the nice thing about a debate is that i think the moderator, jim lehrer, is going to take a step back and allow the clash between the candidates. i think if romney gives a nonanswer to that question we just talked about obama will say, no, answer th
lift. go back to the basic math problem romney has. he wants to cut tax rates, which would cost about $900 billion a year, according to estimates, which means he needs to find $900 billion in tax breaks. well, all the tax expenditures every year together total $1 trillion. so basically romney would have to convince congress to eliminate all tax expenditures to make the math work in his tax plan. that is never going to happen. it's a fantasy tax plan. it would explode our budget deficit. >> i don't think there's any math problem here. most of these deductions and the like, like the mortgage interest deduction, the state and local tax deduction, are heavily slanted towards the upper end. so you eliminate those deductions, you use the money to lower rates. and, in fact, paul ryan's 10 and 25% plan basically hit the same revenue and same distribution as the current tax code. this is totally doable. i give romney credit for moving in the right direction here, but he should be bolder, like paul ryan's house plan. >> the other issue is -- the ultimate goal here is to create economic growth,
the rate will be below $35 percent because you do not pay on full $200,000. governor romney is saying reduce that rate and every dollar you earn offer the amount that uses up the tax deductions, you will pay the lowest rate on. it will encourage people to earn more money, the lower the marginal rate the less tax you pay on the next dollar you earn which is encouraging people to earn more money and encourages growth. there is a growth-based tax plan not an increasing rate to increase revenue. >>neil: he will have to sell that out because the numbers, you can read them a last ways. andy, always a pleasure my friend. a key economic adviser to mitt romney. we are told the president is already here, right here in the auditorium next to me right now. there are no cameras about in there but he is sizing up the room and the podium. that is what they do. we have been this there. it is very red. a lot of red going on. a lot of blue going on. and a lot of white going on. it is a patriotic theme. he is getting the lay of the land. ment mit -- mitt romney will get the same treatment when he goes i
pushed down rates. that created economic expansion. that is what governor romney wants to do. lower rates across the board. he will reduce the burden on the middle class by allowing them to save and invest tax free. >> bret: in a revenue neutral way. >> for those at the upper end of the scale we get rid of their deductions and credits. so that their share of the tax burden won't change. no tax break for upper income, for the middle class. those who have been affected most horribly by the last four years of the bad economy. they will get a tax cut. >> bret: 30 second left. you heard robert gibbs about the libya situation. your take on the administration, and how that is going and will you jump on that? >> well, with all due respect to robert i don't think he was being honest with you. i think what we're seeing is the unraveling of the obama foreign policy. overseas we have people attac attacking our embassy. the muslim brotherhood has come power in egypt. our friends in israel have been set adrift. we have serious problems. the obama response to these events raised more questions. governor
inexpensive labor and low tax rate. mitt romney was listed as president and ceo of the brookside fund at the time. now just ahead of the first presidential debate, the obama campaign has released this hard-hitting ad in several manufacturing and swing states. here it is. >> these appliances could have been made here in america, but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying employees next to nothing. when mitt romney led bain, they saw it as a good investment even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of low-wage labor. mitt romney, tough on china? since when? >> a romney spokeswoman responded, this is another overboard ad from a president trying to distract from his failure to stand up to china. the statement goes on, but not once does it actually deny any of the charges against mitt romney. let's turn to ohio senator sherrod brown. good to have you with us tonight. i think this latest obama ad plays right to the workers of ohio. mitt romney and bain capital were at the forefront of outsourcing jobs to china. what has outsourcing done to other manufacturing states
listen to chris wallace drilling ryan over romney's proposed 20% across account board tax cut. >> the obama camp says independent groups say if you cut those tax rates for everybody 20%, it costs $5 trillion over ten years, true? >> not in the least bit true. >> stephen: true, not true, who cares? (laughter) it's over ten years. romney and ryan will only be in office for eight of those. let president bachmann worry about it in 2020. that is what hindsight is for. but folks, just listen to this pit bull. >> how much would it cost. >> it's revenue neutral. >> i'm talking about the cut, we'll get to the deductions. >> the cut in tax rates is lower all american tax rate by 20%. >> how much does that cost. >> it's revenue neutral. >> stephen: okay, revenue neutral, chris. but for some reason wallace wouldn't take no answer for an answer. (laughter) jim? >> well, it's not revenue neutral unless you take away the deduction. >> let me just -- >> you haven't given me the math. >> well, i don't have-- it would take me too long to go through all of the math. >> stephen: great answer. (la
on some taxpayers, even if romney's able to bring the overall tax rates down, which he says he wants to do. who gets hurt in this scenario? people with huge mortgages. people who donate a lot of money to charity and people who have overall high deductions. they might lose more here than they gain by the rates being lowered overall. that is who's going to get squeezed under this proposal but the romney campaign saying not a specific idea, just kicking around things verbally in the debate. >> amman, thanks. john, what should president obama's objective be? >> he has the same agenda with any football team that has a lead late in the game. don't turn the ball over. he doesn't need to score. he doesn't need to move the ball. he just needs to prevent from the kind of catastrophic mistake that has occurred from time to time in presidential debates. not often. and president obama's not prone to mistakes very often. so he's got a low bar for what he wants to accomplish. we do know that a challenger merely by taking the stage with an incumbent president sell vated in tvais elevated in the eyes of th
. mitt romney hasosed a 20% across the board rate cut for individuals, but he hasn't specified how he's going to pay for that without increasing the deficit or increasing the burden on middle and low-income workers. president obama will press him on that. by the same token, p obama says he wants to cut the corporate rate from 35 to 28. he hasn't specified how he's going to pay for that. on jobs, you can expect to hear mitt romney talk about on net since january 2009 when barack obama took office, hardly any jobs created. barack obama will talk about a time line beginning in early 2010. since then, 4 million private sector jobs have been created. finally, medicare, the big issue threatening go bankrupt the budget long term. mitt romney is proposing a substantial change that would include vouchers. he hasn't said how much they'd grow over time. president obama has not said whether or not he's going to propose the same kind of changes like raising the eligibility age for medicare that he tried in those unsuccessful grand bargain talks with house speaker john boehner last year, maria. >>
-- and allow a lowering of the rates, the math doesn't add up. the romney campaign says the analysis that claims this is flawed and done by left wingers but that's actually kind of a silly response. what i think he's doing now is offering little bits of specificity to create a sense that the plan is all worked out, it's solid, we've run the numbers, and he's concealing this big problem with it, which is that he either will have to raise taxes on the middle class or increase the deficit. i don't think that this exemption piece he's spelling out solves that problem but it creates an appearance of specificity and you might see them do that in other ways because they are on the defensive. i thought it was striking that paul ryan was asked by a voter in the crowd the other day, can you please be more specific about your plans. this was clearly a supporter. and i think they are clearly feeling the heat. after stepping back, realizing a lot of the specifics of their plans don't test that well in the polls or not what people want apart from a larger vision to fix the economy i think they are
the context of the stability of this rates. >> nate, some people are hinting at the possibility of a romney rebound. mike allen in politico today narrows that down to four current events. we have got new poll numbers in an nbc/marist/"wall street journal" poll show virginia and florida tightening. we have got the obama tape. tonight's opportunities at the bay dee bail. finally, that bind gaffe yesterday, his comments that the middle class has been buried under the policies of the last four years. what's your sense? any stick and do you sense a romney rebound is in the offing? er. >> hint the vase tightening but wouldn't be for the reasons mentioned. i don't think very many of them occurred -- i think they are all too recent to have affected the most recent poll numbers. if romney does close that wouldn't be surprise. usually the challenger does make gains the last month, as a result of latent supporters coming back. i look for evidence romney can go places he hasn't been before, above 47% of the vote. if you look at the recent polls, hint at tightening, show him at 47 or 46% of the vote. ob
campaign events did venture out. mr. obama took a rate and mitt romney picked up mexican food for lunch at his hotel. tomorrow night, i live debate coverage because of the previous 7:00 eastern. jim lehrer moderates the debates and after the debate from your calls, e-mails and treats. our live coverage on c-span, c-span radio and online at >> coming up next, ed miliband a)i"aa! house, senate last author book review speeches and most kinds of things. if i know a bill is coming up on the floor in the house, i watch, you know, which generally want to see because i have them all. if there is a very speech i know that she was covered only book review, i'm going to watch that. when i want to find out somethingit has some value to it, that is going to be one of the places i look. i'm obviously a public broadcasting fan. i watch those. out of a couple hundred channels, i probably have five to 10 at the most, but it's going to include other c-span channels. [applause] >> at the british labour party's autumn conference, ed miliband contrasted this party with those at the conservative
rate is the 10th highest in the nation, one out of 617. and barack obama and mitt romney each have visited the state seven times. so, obviously, very important to their campaigns. 5million-plus population, nine electoral votes. the governor and both u.s. senators are democratic, but there is a slight advantage to republicans in terms of registration. major industries, aerospace and energy, and here is the latest poll average "real clear politics," the president has roughly a 3-point edge. receive fan tubbs is cohost of colorado's morning news show on kola radio in denver. before the 2008 election republicans had won pretty consistently most of the contests, but independents there in colorado, one-third of the vote. give me a sense of what they care about and how they are leaning in this thing. >> good morning to you from denver. the economy is huge here. you mentioned the foreclosure rate which translates into how people are having jobs. the unemployment rate here is about 8.2%. it's stayed that way for the past, you know, several months or so, not really going anywhere to high or
set you state on this. first of all, governor romney has a very bold tax plan that's designed to achieve more economic growth and lower the burden on middle-class taxpayers. as part of lowering those rates across the board, he believes we have to broaden the base. he talked about this as an illustrative example of some of the discussions that we're going to have. you obviously cannot write a bill on a debate stage. you can't write a bill? n a campaign, but as part of the conversations that we have of achieving the types of reforms we need to have greater economic growth, more job creation that, broaden the base is part of that discussion. there a number of rang of options out there. that happened to be one that the governor talked about. >> he sure launched it. next time you all want to launch a major policy change, you might think about a national platform, mean nothing disrespect to that local station. >> 7 p.m., cnbc eastern time. >> hold that thought, madden. >> former presidential candidate herman cain faced mitt romney in the gop debate. mr. cain knows first hand what pr
promoted its practice of exploiting... low-wage labor to its investors. mitt romney - tough on china? since when? >>> welcome back. coming up on 6:30. >> got fog. >> we have lots of it too. lots of fog. >> yes. lots of fog this morning. and that will be the theme around here for the next couple of hours. we'll see some sunshine and once the sun breaks out, look out, temperatures are going to jump into the mid-80s. so, if the kids haven't goten dressed for school yet, maybe shorts. i don't quite know how to play this. it is kind of warm out. later today, we'll be in the mid-80s. it is a nice warm affect with humidity out there too. let's start with the radar. we are done with the rain although, as mentioned, the fog and mist is hanging tough across the area. dense fog advisory for parts of region until 8:00 this morning. temperatures are nice and mild. so you could wear shorts when it is 72 degrees out, right? >> yeah. >> 62 at bw incident marshall. 64 at dulles. -- 62ality bwi marshall. check out your warm temperatures. 829 forecast high in annapolis. a nice warm afternoon. enjoy. we've got
on home at the vegas stage. >> r rated hypnotists or two gay germans trying to make a white tiger disappear. >> monkey on a bicycle. well, if it is mitt romney's first time at the rodeo, governor obama believes he has an enormous advantage. >> the president is going to lose the first debate. >> he is just not a great debator. >> look whose feelings about barack obama came back, and i guess what happened in charlotte stayed in charlotte. >> when american markets broke down, who jump-started our engine! barack obama! and when america needed him most, who got us rolling again on the road to recovery? >> barack obama! >> let me ask you this, people, who couldn't get laid in a whore house with a fist full of hundreds? barack obama! >> that's my favorite am way presentation ever. >> all right, i get it time honored tradition to attach down expectations to make a slight win. >> here is great news for republicans, we have a candidate who is going to do extraordinarily well on wednesday night, oh (bleep) we have a runner! we have a runner! >> what are you doing, christi? apparently new
? >> stephanie: romney has lower approval rating than george bush now? [ wah wah ] >> three and a half years to get cute. >> stephanie: guy in north carolina. hi guy. >> caller: first, i got a zinger for you. >> stephanie: okay great. thanks for warning us. >> caller: the reason mitt was so brown was road flare mary told him to go smoke her dildo. now i have a question. i flipped over during your last commercial break and -- over to the nice network. and people were -- they were talking about the security briefing that obama had missed over 60% of his since january. and bush had gone to all of his. >> they're still on that? oh god. >> caller: how do they know -- if it is security, they should be secure. >> stephanie: just a point of order here, we did have the worst national security failure in our history on george bush's watch. maybe he wasn't paying attention. >> a little kerfuffled. >> the president gets a briefing every single day. when he gets up in the morning that's one of the first things they do. the bi
though the race tightened. he sits at 49% in both his ballot test and job approval rating. mitt romney coalesced republicans and to close the gap and likely voters because of republican enthusiasm, 49/46. david? >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is a former republican presidential candidate and author of the new book "american patriots, answering the call to freedom." senator, good to see you. >> thank you, david. >> talk about the book in a minute. let's talk about the debate. i spoke with governor chris christie on "meet the press" and he said come thursday morning the narrative will be completely different after the first debate. how so? what are you looking for tonight? >> first off, having gone through debates in the primary, they are a big deal, and it's going to be a big moment tonight somewhere, and i think the narrative will change. what it will change to, i don't know, but i think the potential for governor romney to do well tonight i think is actually pretty good. i think expectations are very low. president obama is a much more dynamic speaker. i'm not dissing mi
trillion. largely based on a study from the nonpaern tax policy center, they know mitt romney opposes cutting all tax rates by 20%. this could add up to $5 trillion, a big cut. but it doesn't take into account eliminating deductions and closing loopholes it would reduce tax cuts on the wealthy, but the problem is romney hasn't been specific about which reductions and how many? false on the claim. eliminating any tax cut would make it less than 5 trillion, even if it's which deductions and which loopholes. you mitt romney likes to talk about the middle class squeeze. wages down and all kinds of prices are up. >> do you realize over the last four years, every year you have seen the median income in america come down. income is down some 4,300 a family. the middle class squeeze has been unbearable. gasoline prices way up. food prices up, electricity prices up. health insurance costs up. >> the facts in this, easy to fin. median income down over the last four years, but only about 2,500 since president obama took office and prices for all those items are up, though, food and electricity b
on domestic issues, healthcare, the fiscal crisis, unemployment rate and taxes and the role of government and governing style. pollsters said mitt romney has to win big tonight. >> he's no longer winning the question on who will do best on the economy. he's got to win that question. >> reporter: with early voting underway in 35 states, governor romney and president obama are frying to capture the -- trying to capture the attention of those voters who remain undecided. >> i have my reasons for -- and do i want to see a better economy or lose rights. that is how i look at it. >> reporter: when the final question is answered, both candidates will have two minutes r closing statements and then the debate about the debate when they will come to cameraand spend the night events. >> let me quickly ask you about the crowd or audience. is that join to the public in. >> this is by invitation only. people invited to the campaigns and the students here. the crowd is told to stay out of it, unlike many of the presidential debates in the gop primaries where the crowd got involveed and that is not -- t
to the year 2010, when the average tax rate was just 36.4%. the economy grew at a far less robust rate of just 2.9%. we keep being told that mr. romney's been rehearsing his zingers. but let's hope that he's not going to use that line from president clinton, it's the economy, stupid, because the easiest response to that is, we know who's stupid when it comes to the economy. thanks so much for watching. thank you to the university of denver for hosting us. and to all of you watching at home. my colleague, chris mathews is also here in denver. he picks things up with "hardball." two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment
all of the plan for governor romney has set out in terms of revenue distribution, tax rates, based on income and i am sure i am forgetting something else. the implications, the take away message of our study is that something will have to give. something in terms of aspirations will have to compromise in order to accomplish the very schools. that is something you have seen folks on the romney campaign mentioned in recent weeks. one of the most prominent economic advisers recently said that it is not going to be possible with baserunning to pay for all of the rate cuts and accomplish the goal, then in fact, one way of spending would be to do a lower rate cuts do not would you like to tackle the second half of the question? >> the only thing i would add is that actually, there were some other things that were enacted in the 2001 or 2002 period. one of is that prescription drug benefit in 2003. since we are having a fiscal discussion, i would feel compelled to note that the 2003 health expansion legislation was financed while the 2000 and 102,009 legislation was before. >> further que
. that is unacceptable. one out of six winning in poverty. that is what we have seen under obama. romney and ryan have the vision for our picture. gerri: when you drill down where florida is unemployment is above the national average. a foreclosure rates is one of the worst in the nation. what do these candidates need to say? what is the most important issue? >> jobs and the economy. our governor tries to bring business with jobs and employing people but constantly fighting the federal government of overregulation. that has got to stop. romney will make a difference not only in our state but then the country. gerri: it is a pleasure. i will be watching the debate tonight. pam bondi. stocks are higher today with the new jobs report but is it something to be happy about? up review -- a preview of friday's report next. gerri: the jobs market. the private sector hiring last month 160,000 jobs added. lower than the month before. here to break down is our harvard economist. jeffrey, this is a payroll processor the works of private businesses, what does it mean for the jobs report on friday? >> appms numbers
specificity, but barack obama can go after him on that. by the same token, romney can go after obama because obama's talked about reducing the corporate rate to 28%, but he hasn't specified how he'd pay for it. and then you have the issue of jobs. romney talks about the job record on net from the beginning of president obama's term. and if you do that, it's just about even. maybe a few jobs in the positive territory. but barack obama talks about what's happened since early 2010 since the turnaround started. they'll clash on that. on medicare, the big entitlement spending issue that threatens the bunch the long term. mitt romney's proposed with paul ryan an ambitious reformation of the program that would go to voucher, but he hasn't said what the level of the voucher would be or the growth rate in the voucher. if you don't specify that, you can't specify what your savings will be or the impact on consumers. and finally president obama last year in the grand bargain talks with house speaker boehner talked about more ambitious proposals than medicare than he's advocated so far like raising the
to obama's 62 and for 32 years, the blink rates have predicted every election. but kerry, bush. >> 90% are coming out of your pockets. >> this is the romney cookie. >> cookies have been good predicters, too. the favorite recipe of the candidates wives is published in family circle and baked at the grill near the white house has predicted the outcome of four of the last five elections. michelle obama's chocolate chip cookies are raking in 58% of the customer's votes >> landslide. with the cookies with obama. >> halloween mask sales, coffee mugs, astrologers, even the redskins last game before the election have all predicted the outcome with varying degrees of success. >> debates predict nothing. >> american university professor, allen, says his 13 keys to the white house model is the only scientific time tested predictor. >> it is going to be obama no matter what happens in these debates. >> the cookies are a heck of a lot tastier. >> i like the romney cookies. the taste is very good. >> in washington, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> and you might be wondering how that redskins p
. >> susie: you know, tonight obviously in the debate president obama and governor romney will be talking about the job market do. you expect them to give any kind of plan to jolt the labor market and to get that unemployment rate down drastically? >> i think both candidates are likely to be somewhat vague in their discussion of proposals to great jobs. if i were asking the question, i think the one that i with like to hear answered most would be, what are you going to do about the approaching fiscal cliff if we go over the fiscal cliff, if we plunge over the highest bluff along the fiscal cliff, it's very likely the economy will fall into recession and the unemployment rate instead of being 8 at the end of next year will be above 9. so the first thing that any elected official needs to do in 2013 is prevent job losses by doing something about the fiscal cliff. >> susie: are you predicting a recession? >> no, we're not. we do think that in a crisis environment at the 11th hour, some sort of arrangement will be made that will delay the fiscal contraction that's on the books now. so that th
, we're good. >> we'll keep it rated g. anna, what are some of the pit falls that romney has to avoid here, because, you know, both candidates have strengths and weaknesses. if you are advising them, what are the fit falls he has to avoid? >> well, i would say to him, mitt, don't try to be funny. you're not funny. you're at your best when you're serious. do not sing. go out there, be authentic, be genuine. now everybody is going to be looking for singers because somebody in his campaign talked about him prepping singers. i think he does need to get specific, and he needs to also smile, be likable. he has a likability gap. you know, he is -- he can be likable. go and be on, and no oops moment, please. >> no oops moments. donna, same question to you. obviously, the president has strengths and weaknesses. what are the things that he needs to avoid doing this evening? >> well, first of all, as a single lady, let me be very honest. if they're both very appealing on the eyes, so i know they'll look good. they'll sound great. i think it's very important to look in the camera and talk to us a
people support him. at this point in time they don't know enough about romney and the specifics on his vision. he needs to lay some of that out. bill: in terms of specifics, maybe you hang one fact out there. i'm going to take the unemployment rate and do this with it. >> you have to be factual on those things. he laid out a tax plan without any details, what does that mean? bill: do you find most guys cheer their guy and boot other one? >> usually debates reinforce the side you are on. you look for the good points. center few people are totally neutral going in and it's not entertaining, it's educational. bill: that contradicts the point about saying maybe in the case of governor romney. there is a sliver of people saying i don't know enough about this guy. if he convinces me, he might get my vote. >> i think that's important. if the election were held by the polls he's a few points behind. he needs the debates to change the dynamics where people say this is a down to the wire race. he's a goodall tern tough. let's look at the details of his plan and programs. bill: do you find incumb
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